One photo a week, week TWO

Week two (I'm a tad late, I know...) of this project. 
We are still avid looking for tickets to our eurotrip! It's insane how prices can go up 2k in a week... L got a job interview (this man can't stand still for a month!) and was between him and an older dude. He didn't get it! Bummer. It was the first time in a while that he had gotten really excited about work, I felt so bad for him. Not for the money (it was great money!), but for him, his hopes... Oh well, que sera, sera...
The weather in Brazil has being insane! Yesterday was about 36 Celsius! That's hot... Thankfully our neighbour invited us to her pool and so JL and I went, it was amazing. Boy, I want a pool! 

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