The twenty one days gap {or how motherhood takes up all my time.}

   Ok, I know I said I was committed to blogging... I also know it's been 21 days since my last - and first - post. But, seriously, being a stay at home mom is exhausting! 
   I can't say I don't have free time but mind you it's an hour a day at most! 
  My son is a good night sleeper but his afternoon naps are not long. At all! When I'm lucky, he passes out for about one hour. But the norm here at our house is a fifteen minutes afternoon nap and a twenty minutes night nap, before bath time. It's just how he is. 
  So most of the time when he's napping I'm doing the dishes or picking up dog poo. On days like today, when the weather is not at its best and I woke up feeling horrible for apparently no reason, I just stay in bed with my baby for as long as I can, and when he naps I do NOTHING. Seriously, I just sat there, in our living room, and watched three episodes of Gossip Girl while contemplating what my life would be had I had loads of money to spare, and just wishing I could go visit Paris soon... I know, lame, and childish, but I too need some me time.
  I reckon we (all moms!) tend to live our lives so connected to our babies lives that we sometimes forget who we are and what is really important to us. I know there are a lot of moms, like me, who feel guilty for not being 100% committed to their kids, who feel really bad for having to leave their babies on day cares or with some family member so they had to work... and, hear me out: IT'S NORMAL! It's okay! Just as it's okay to take some time for yourself!
  As I type this my son has just woken up, he's "calling" me from the sofa (he's safe in there! don't worry!) so I just lost my train of thought. I guess I started this post to apologise for being away, for not making this blog (with two whole posts, haha) what I want it to be.
  But, this is motherhood. And as I hear my baby's goos and gaas from the other room I just can't help but be thankful for having him in my life. I have absolutely no time to do all I wish I could, my clothes are dirty, my house is not in its best shape, but boy, this baby of mine makes me happy!!!

The beginning... {or how my life turned upside down.}

   So here I go again.
  I've had a few blogs in the past, and I loved it. But something happened and I simply quit writing. Unfortunately it took me quite sometime to have the guts to get back on my computer and just start writing. It's still hard, and I feel like I'm terribly rusty, but I'm committed to it and I will make it work!
   Blogging, writing... I simply love it! Having an outlet for everything that happens in my life is a great way to maintain sanity. Really. So that's why I'll give blogging another shot. There will be typos. And sometimes my posts may not make much sense. But bare in mind that I'm juggling life with six dogs, a cat and a baby. And no, that's not just a funny blog name, that IS my life. To many people this would be an easy task. Not to me. I barely make it to my bed at night. It's exhausting! 
   For now, this is it. I hope you stay tuned for the upcoming posts I have planned for #611.