One photo a week, week ONE.

You don't know it, yet, but a long time ago, when I found myself lost in the world and didn't want to go back to my B.A. In Australia, I decided I wanted to be a photographer... And so, I bought my first "pro" camera. (I still use it, cos, you know, to upgrade I'd have to pay a few thousands and I just can't be bothered spending money on a new camera that I really I don't need. Haha)
It was a Canon Rebel XTi and I loved it! (Still do.) I also enrolled at Senac and attended a photography course in São Paulo - and enjoyed a semester there taking my 'oh so heavy' cam everywhere I went! 
Every since I got an iPhone tho, I have not taken my Canon  out (or any other camera, I have a nice starter collection!) and that's fine, I love iPhone picture just as much as I love IG filters! Haha
I told you this just to tell ya how I will not post professional looking photos here, haha. Instead, I intend on posting a picture a week, of anything that catchs my eye (or heart)... 
So, let's start week ONE with a picture of JL having a picnic in the park with me <3 (because, I mean, who can resist?!?).

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