On birthdays and prezzies

So my son just had his first birthday. It was amazing!
Do you know when a recent married couple say their wedding flew by? That they just didn't seem to find time to really enjoy the party with their guests? Well, that's how I felt!
JL's party was almost all DIY... I taught myself (yeah, I'm terrible with computers and technology!) how to make everything paperwise, from invitations to goodie bags (or egg cases!), everything was done by me. And let me tell you, I'm not only bad at this new technology thing, I'm also the most indecisive person you would EVER meet!!! So yeah, I had about 30 different invitations to chose, 20 types of stickers I wanted to use on many different things and a thousand ideas that needed to come to life. 
I also made almost all the sweets (condensed milk ran wide in the kitchen those days, enough sad!) apart from macaroons - that I have yet to master - and caramel apples - that I just couldn't be bothered! I have scars to prove! I chose to do most of the cooking at my Mom's house just because it would be a peaceful place without everyone interrupting me, that went well. My mother in law took care of JL for me and that was just a plus! 
We held the party at my best friend's vacation house, in a nearby town. It was the perfect location, y'all! (My dream is to live there, it's just the right size... Not big, not small... Just perfect!) She was kind enough to help with all the prep and even got her fiancé to do a LOT of the work also since my husband was running last minutes errands and picking JL up from my mother in law's. 
Another friend is a cook and did a great job with a variety of crepés she served. We set up a table in a corner for juices and soft drinks and it worked out well (we had a bottle of water at each table), oh, and each kid got a 'circus tend mini drink bottle' to take home!
It was stressful, don't get me wrong. And I would do a lot differently if it was possible (hello, hairdo choice not good, AT ALL!) but overall it was a great learning experience. I'm not found of party throwing, I just get too worked up and it all turns sour too soon for me. 
BUT, it was my son's first birthday and I just wanted to gather all my loved ones together because I know I've neglected most of them trying to be a great mom this past year...they deserved it just as much as my baby! (And me! Haha)
I still don't have any professional pictures and am waiting eagerly by the phone, so as soon as I get them from the photographer I will post the ones I think appropriate for the blog! 
For now, take this one from the main table with a piece of me in my puffy tutu skirt! Now that's what I call appropriate!!! Haha

Ps. We had 80 guest and the gift giving here was insane, which is why I thougt fit as a title... My son's whole year in toys is covered, I mean, people went crazy! (He also got a lot of clothes and Mama loved it!)

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