I know I said I would write often, I know I said a sorry at least four times since I started this blog and I know I said I'd write to maintain sanity... Well, I guess I thought going back to work wouldn't take up all my "free" time but it did.

Now I'm settle in my routine... I'm not much a person of changes, I don't do well with the "new" so it takes me quite some time to adjust. 

I have planned ahead as much as I could with JL, the renovations going on at our house and me teaching at this new school and to toddlers and young children now! (I always taught high school, never pre-k to 3!) But I still can't feel confident saying I'll come back twice a week, every week, not even twice a month... Although I can state for sure I'll come as often as I can.

Let me start by saying there is still A LOY of work to be done at our house! My husband is doing it all by himself and he is not the most organised and proactive person in the world, haha... Hard working, yeah, proactive, no! 
He already changed our bedroom and our closet, put up a new window at our bedroom and finished the backyard. There's still our garage and laundry room to be done and then painting and wallpaper throughout the house... (Insert panicking emoji now!)
We decided not to make our own headboard since we have a friend that cut us a pretty good deal for it, we are considering doing our own curtains however and I am anticipating a major freak out moment when it's time to buy and sew it all! 
We also sent our sofa to be cut to the perfect size for our new tv room and be upholstered by the same friend who's doing our headboard. 

Today I dropped JL off at my mother in law so I could take all our China, clean it and organise it at our new buffet (it soooo pretty!)... That was about four hours ago. I still haven't touched one single plate! Hahaha I got lazy, ate too many pieces of cremme brûlée cake (3, planning on eating another one just now!) and started to watch a new series on Netflix... 

Perhaps I'll start doing what I have to do after that fourth piece of cake... 

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