Eat, drink, enjoy... (And some essentials.)

I know it's been a long time since I wrote but boy, was I depressed... Well, not clinically but truly (haha) if ya know what I mean!
We ended up not traveling. 
The fares were extremely high and also my husband got called for a few job interviews and so did I (mind you, I wasn't even looking for a job!). 
As it happens I start work next week at a really good private school in town, very close to our house and my husband got a partner and is starting a new business... Talk about turn of events, right?!? Hahaha
So we postponed our travel plans until next July or maybe even December, we'll see how things go.
But yeah, apart from the apology and explanations I had to give you (not really HAD to, but wanted to!) I came today to write about what and how JL has been eating and drinking...

We started with regular food when he was about eleven months old. I know some start earlier but I was really nervous about the whole "our food/baby food" thing! (We introduced fruits at about six months old and then I started making his lunch - and later dinner as well - separately!)
By his first birthday JL showed absolutely no will to eat by himself, which kinda frustrated me. A week or two after that he started picking his food from the spoon we were feeding him and a few days later he started trying to mimic our movements.
Now he's almost 14 months and he almost had the whole spoon-mouth movement fully working, haha He gets anxious when it's something he adores (like Moroccan rice or scrambled eggs with broccoli!) and just goes for it with his hands, which I think is adorable and allow him to do and most days it takes at least fifteen minutes for me to clean it all up after he's finished, but it's all worth it and really enjoyable to watch! 

He also always loved water and is always looking for his bottle, that I swaped for those 'take and toss' cups with straw two months ago. I know it was early but he always saw us drinking from a straw and did it by himself as well so I gave it go with the cups and loved it! 
They are one of my favourite things and I actually just bought a new set (it comes in packs of four or more cups!) to leave at my mother in law and my Nana's house. We always take one when we go to restaurants because it almost never let my son make a mess - even when he turns it upside down!!! - and is really handy to have nearby for juices and water! We still use his Boon bottle for water in the car because the Take and Toss straw is totally removable so he kept taking it away and tossing it under the seat! 
For food I used those Munchkin bowls that come in massive packs and still do sometimes, but since the whole eating by myself thing started I realised we needed something that would stay put so I purchased three new bowls and will review them for y'all soon! 

I'm so sorry if this post got too long and if it might not make sense at some point, I had to stop and come back about three times because of JL and am now too tired to proof read it! Haha

If you have any questions fell free to comment and I'll get back to you! 
Oh, and I'll leave you with a photo I took of the things I bought today (new set of take and toss included!)! :)

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