Let me start saying I'm incredibly sorry and angry for not updating this blog. But lately when I have the time to relax, that's exactly what I want to do.
  I thought things would get easier with my baby growing up but as the crawling and standing up started so did my endless need to follow him everywhere. On top of that, we haven't baby proofed the house per se, truth is, we mostly keep the bathroom doors closed and small objects out of reach, but my baby is definitely getting faster and this is dangerous! I feel I need to find something for my kitchen cabinet doors and the refrigerator, since it all shines the baby has developed a certain interest on it... any suggestions?! There are so many brands and types of baby gadgets around that it can be overwhelming.
  As I was saying to a friend this past weekend, life with a baby is definitely exhausting but truly full filing! I do get very anxious when I think about having more kids... I would like to have two more. Being a single child can have that reflexion on your desires. My baby boy is a delight, I must say. He only had a week of colic, he works around the clock, sleeping and being feed everyday at the same time (helping me get a bit more organised!) and he is definitely not much of a crier.
  That scares me.
  It scares me because I anticipate having a very time consuming second baby... I mean, it can't be all roses for me. I see so many women having trouble breast-feeding, getting their babies to sleep trough the night and to eat solids and what so more! What hasn't it happened to me yet? Will I get the vindictive teenager? Will I be the kind of mother I always dreaded, the one that allows their kid to do any an everything just because otherwise life would be caos?!?
  Every time my husband and I talk about a second (and why not, a third) child I can't help but dread the future! Tell me, now... is it just me?!?

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