The beginning... {or how my life turned upside down.}

   So here I go again.
  I've had a few blogs in the past, and I loved it. But something happened and I simply quit writing. Unfortunately it took me quite sometime to have the guts to get back on my computer and just start writing. It's still hard, and I feel like I'm terribly rusty, but I'm committed to it and I will make it work!
   Blogging, writing... I simply love it! Having an outlet for everything that happens in my life is a great way to maintain sanity. Really. So that's why I'll give blogging another shot. There will be typos. And sometimes my posts may not make much sense. But bare in mind that I'm juggling life with six dogs, a cat and a baby. And no, that's not just a funny blog name, that IS my life. To many people this would be an easy task. Not to me. I barely make it to my bed at night. It's exhausting! 
   For now, this is it. I hope you stay tuned for the upcoming posts I have planned for #611. 


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